Shine bright like a diamond💎

highlighter palette

One of the biggest things in beauty and one of the most popular products that is all over Instagram is highlighter! Naturally people are just attracted to bight, shiny and glittery things. So the more glitter the better!

Personally I love having a glowy highlight that looks natural as I don’t want it too ‘in your face’ or packed on loads to the point where I look cakey. So when I buy highlighters I don’t want too intense and overtaking my face.

Sooooooo, my first highlight palette is a cheaper, more of a drugstore type BUT it is SO GOOD, AhhahAHhhah…continue…it’s the Primark PS Pure Glow highlight palette and it comes with 4 different colours.

1)*Top Left* This one is called ‘Dessert’. It is white, however when you put it on its not like having a massive white smudge across your cheekbone. But it has nice white glitter in it so it looks white, this is hard to explain but I’ll insert a pic:


highlighter palette

2) Here is probably my favourite one, as you can probably tell by now I love gold glowy looks so ‘Glimmer’ is perfect! It’s just so shiny and beautiful. As it is a light gold it is also easy to put with most contours, eyeshadow looks and etc.


highlighter palette

3) This one is my second favourite as it’s a pretty pink colour, but a baby pink and not like a crazy bright pink blush. It has such a gorgeous shimmer and it sparkles when the sun hits it. It’s also great if you’re going for a pink themed look, for example a pink nude lip with some pink eyeshadows and silver to match the shimmer. Especially with a pretty pink blush.


highlighter palette

4) Out of all the highlighters, firefly is a more intense and slightly more pigmented. It is a darker gold compared to glimmer but at the same time it isn’t too harsh or overpowering. It can be paired with a bold cat eyeliner and maybe even a gold lip if you like that, as well as a glittery eyeshadow look.


highlighter palette

If you’re into more expensive brands and makeup then here are some products you could check out.


Anastasia Beverley Hill’s Glow Kit

As you can tell the colours are quite close to the Primark palette, however the prices are not. Although the product is worth it’s price because, come on it’s Anastasia Beverley Hills. What do you expect? Primark’s highlighters are more pigmented then Anastasia’s however they are still so beautiful and sparkly.


Anastasia Beverley Hill- Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit

THIS PALETTE IS ABSOLUTELY OUT OF THIS WORLD!! IT IS SOOOOOOO GORGEOUS AND…JUST…WOW! It’s so amazing, sparkly, shimmery and glittery. Like omg look at the picture on the right. So angelic

Soooo that was my very unorganised, random, probably difficult to understand post on highlighters. Leave a comment and a like or even any suggestions.

Love Lily ❤


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