Simple Shimmery Summer Makeup…

In the summer I don’t wear so much makeup, especially at school but when I do I like to go for a glowy natural look.

I start off light with a BB cream after doing my eyebrows with some eyebrow pencil I can’t remember the name of, I use Rimmel London’s Matte BB cream with sunscreen to protect my face from the sun I then set it with a translucent setting powder and move on to my contour.

I go light with the contour and shape out my cheek bones but I go a little higher on the outer parts of my cheek bones, I don’t like to put too much on my temples as i want it to look as natural as possible and not harsh.

A slight peachy or pink blush makes my cheeks pop and gives me a little pop of colour, I blend this into the apples of my cheeks close to my contour. Once again I go over the contour and blush with setting powder to blend it out.

Many of my friends say that I do my makeup in a strange order, but honestly I don’t have an order I just randomly do it.  Next I would put a nude eyeshadow on my eyelid to cover the annoying veins, but after I highlight my brow bone with a white eyeshadow.

(btw I highlight with a matte eyeshadow first and then with whatever actual highlight later)

The two last things I do is my highlight on the highest parts of my face, like cheek bones, bridge of my noes, cupids bow and brow bone/ tear duct. Last of all I curl my eye lashes and apply mascara, I would wear false lashes but I swear they are THE HARDEST things to apply…ugh.

But yeah that was my summer makeup. Hope you enjoyed! Leave a like and comment. ❤




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