What I Use On My Curly Hair<3

If you couldn’t already tell by my blog name, i have thick curly hair! Trying to maintain the curls and dealing with the frizz that comes with the curls is a real struggle, in this post I’m going to name the products i use to wash my hair, the mousse and even how i dry my hair.

Hopefully this will help anyone with curly hair or anyone who just wonders what its like trying to deal with curls.

Washing My Hair

For my hair type; medium length, thick, curls obviously, and A LOT of it! I need a good strong shampoo and conditioner, I find that the product has to be reasonably thick and moisturising as my hair gets dry quickly. My hair needs more conditioner then shampoo as i like my hair to be soft and I find it helps with frizz; so i use TREsemmé Moisture Rich shampoo for dryness and the TREsemmé Smooth and Shine conditioner or Cien Intense moisture salon style shampoo and conditioner.

First of all when i get in the shower i try to make my hair as wet as possible, and i say ‘wet as possible’ because my hair decides to fight back and resist doing what i would like it to do, so after it’s wet i either brush through it with a tangle teaser then shampoo after all the knots are gone, shampoo then detangle or just brush through my hair with my fingers with shampoo in it…that’s a lot of shampoo’s in one sentence. Hopefully u understand.

Once the shampoo process is over, phew finally, I just condition my hair a lot, to make sure my hair doesn’t frizz. When I get out of the shower i put my hair up into a towel until I’m ready to dry it with the hairdryer, at this time I’d usually put lotion on or do my skin rou

tine as i normally wash my hair in the late after-noon.

FullSizeRender (2)


Drying Time

It’s pretty simple. I take my hair out of the towel and run my hands through my hair, then split it into three sections, front and sides then apply my hair mousse. I use Shock Waves hair mousse for curly and wavy hair, in the strength 5 so it keeps my curls tight.

And then I just blow-dry it until its completely dry and has volume so it’s not flat to my head. Even though frizz is really annoying i still like to keep a little frizz as its natural.

To finish it all off I put hairspray on the parts I think need it. Hopefully this is useful and can help with anything you’ve been wondering, like and comment if you like posts like this or any other posts you would like to see!!


FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender


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