Eye look: Pretty,Pastel pink…


To create this summery, bright eye look i used drug store products and a mix of different eyeshadows.

For my base colour I used a peachy nude and blended it out so there was no harsh edges, with every good eyeshadow look comes lots of blending.

For the crease I started off with a light brown and used a gentle fluffy eyeshadow brush for light strokes so that I didn’t have too much product or a harsh crease.

After I was happy with how it looked I added in a darker brown and used a smaller,stiffer brush and applied it to the outside corner of the eye and gradually blended it towards the crease but not over the original light brown shade.

To top off this simple yet classy look, I added a shimmery light pastel pink on my lid and highlighted my tear-duct and brow bone with a rose pink coloured highlight.

The last step of the eyeshadow was to just make sure everything was blended. To top off the look I added a classic black wing, false eyelashes and mascara to blend my own lashes to the fake ones.


I used a warm brown shade from the 180 palette, but you can use whatever brown you want from any palette you have. The ink eyeliner I used is by Nyx in black.nyx eyeliner.jpeg

The false eyelashes are from Superdrug, mascara is ‘Better than sex’ by Too Faced and the highlight I used is by Primark ‘Ps Pure Glow Highlighting Palette’.contour palette.jpg

For a bronzed, tanned look I used the Technic Contour Fix Palette for my contour and highlight and concealer. All the products I’ve used are drugstore and a good price.



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