Review: Rimmel London BB Cream

This product is very good, I use this BB cream everyday as its easy to use, apply and blend! It doesn’t go streaky or patchy throughout the day, also because my face is naturally lighter then my body the light/medium colour matches very well to my natural skin. I use it as a base to my make up because I wear darker powder over the top, one down side to it is that it isn’t full coverage. I would totally recommend this product to people of all skin types, oily or dry or both, its has a matte formula so it doesn’t add any oil to your face or clog your pores! It’s also available in many colours to fit your skin tone and has a nice smoothness to it making your face feel soft and giving your skin a gentle glow. This product is great for the summer time as it’ll stop your skin from being shiny and has SPF15 to protect your skin from the sun. Overall this is a great BB cream and i’d recommend it if you’re looking for a light coverage skin perfecter, 4/5 cream


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